Soundbrenner Pulse Vibrating Metronome – Wearable Metronome

A metronome is an ever-popular tool in the music world and for good reason: it’s effective. The Soundbrenner Pulse vibrating metronome is the first of its kind as it is built like a watch and you wear it around your wrist.

Most of the best metronomes make sound and are set up so you can set it down on your piano or on a desk near you. This metronome is the most portable and convenient in the sense that you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Soundbrenner Pulse Vibrating Metronome

Soundbrenner Pulse | Smart, Vibrating & Wearable Metronome | For All Instruments (Guitar, Piano,...
  • Vibrational Metronome that is 7x more powerful than the average vibration of a smartphone
  • Create Custom Rhythms. Customize time signatures and subdivisions. Set accents. Feel the difference
  • Multi Player Synchronization. Link up to 5 devices via Bluetooth to one phone or tablet and feel the beat together
  • Rhythm & Setlist Library. Create and save your rhythms and organise them in setlist
  • DAW Support via MIDI. The Soundbrenner Pulse can receive input from all major DAWs via MIDI

The Soundbrenner Pulse is the first of its kind and it was designed to give musicians the freedom to literally “feel the beat” rather than hear it. With this metronome, you can put it on an lose yourself in whatever song your playing and just go off of the vibrations it sends you. This metronome has many musicians intrigued just because of its versatility.

What Does The Soundbrenner Pulse Offer That Other Metronomes Don’t?

It offers the musician the freedom of being trapped into playing to a click track. You can use this metronome for live or studio purposes. This is the alternative to your standard metronome that you can see or hear. There are apps out there that vibrate, but none of the apps are in the same league as this portable metronome.

This is 7x more powerful than any of the metronome apps you can download on your smartphone. Also, you wear this metronome and don’t have to worry about putting it in your pocket or holding on to it.

Multiplayer Capability

You can link up to 5 different devices so you could technically have your entire band play to a click track without needing in-ear monitors. This Bluetooth metronome can receive MIDI from any major DAW and it is built to do just that. It has full metronome control meaning that you can pause and start the metronome easily.

What’s In The Box?

Soundbrenner Pulse

Motor: 7G ERM motor

Weight: 1 Pound

Tempo Range: 30 BPM-300 BPM

Charger: Magnetic charging station and USB cable included

How Does It Sync? Syncs tempos to multiple devices via Bluetooth

Power Source: Rechargeable USB battery

Why Choose This Portable Metronome Over Other Metronomes

If you are a musician who has used normal metronomes for many years like myself, a change of pace is nice. I know that I get sick of hearing an annoying beeping sounding every time I want to practice a new piece or improvise. This metronome goes off of solely feel and the appearance of it is actually pretty neat as well. You can wear it on your wrist or your ankle depending on your preference.

Is This A Gimmick Item?

No, I believe that this is a very nice piece of equipment and it is not gimmicky in any sense. As I mentioned, there are metronome apps that vibrate, but none of them have the intricate functionality and power that this metronome has.

Overall Thoughts On The Soundbrenner Pulse

I think this is a fantastic metronome and it competes with everything else on the market. I like this more than most just because it gives you something that the other metronomes can’t give you. I can definitely see these becoming quite popular especially for touring musicians who are sick of playing to a click track.

When you have in-ear monitors in, using a click is just one more thing you need to focus on and it takes away from another instrument you could be hearing.


We hope you found our review on the Soundbrenner Pulse in-depth. If you like what read, leave us a comment and let us know below.

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