Helpful Resources For Keyboardists/Pianists

Welcome to This is the resource page for beginners and advanced keyboardists who are looking to learn and share more with a great community.

A Quick Look At Guides That I’ve Written With 20 Years Plus Of Experience

Here are some guides that we have created after years of experience.

Best MIDI Controllers – Looking to produce music and not sure where to start? A MIDI controller is a great tool to have for nearly every producer.

Headphones For Digital Pianos – Have a digital piano and find yourself having to often turn down the volume? In this guide, we break down 5 incredible options and explain all of the different price points.

Best Digital Pianos For Beginners – In this guide, we break down everything beginners need to know about digital pianos, including the best picks.

Best keyboard workstations – Explore some of the ways to make your own beats and songs with workstation keyboards.

Piano Maintenance – A detailed guide for a pianists who are looking to take care of their pianos and digital pianos. This guide presents you with any questions you might have regarding questions to humidity and daily maintenance for pianos.

Best Free Piano VSTs – This guide breaks down the best free piano software. If you’re looking for a more professional sound for your productions, you can also check out the best piano VSTs that are paid for.

Best Electric Guitar VSTs – In this guide, we breakdown virtual guitars that you download and play with your keyboards. The technology has gotten extremely realistic over the years and we highly recommend checking these out

Classic Piano Songs For Beginners – In this article, we breakdown some really beautiful classical pieces for beginners.

Best Ways To Learn To Play The Piano – In this guide, we breakdown all of the different ways to learn to play the piano.

Best Digital Pianos & Keyboards – Here is the most in-depth guide on the internet pertaining to every digital piano.

Free DAW Software – In this guide, we present you with quick ways to start recording some of your music.

Additional Resources

Piano Buyer – Great website for those looking to buy a piano

Roland – Roland is one of the best companies in the world when it comes to all things keyboards

Alesis – Alesis makes some of my favorite keyboards and synths

Korg – Korg is great at making keyboards and workstation keyboards

Akai – Akai makes some great MIDI controllers

Musicians Health – A great place for understanding musicians and their health

Mary4Music – Great place to find everything music related in 2022

Musiclessonsanywhere – If you’re looking for online piano lessons, this is a great place that features Skype piano lessons