Welcome to This is the resource page for beginners and advanced keyboardists who are looking to learn and share more with a great community.

Piano Resources

Piano Buyer – Great website for those looking to buy a piano

Roland – Roland is one of the best companies in the world when it comes to all things keyboards

Alesis – Alesis makes some of my favorite keyboards and synths

Korg – Korg is great at making keyboards and workstation keyboards

Akai – Akai makes some great MIDI controllers

Musicians Health – A great place for understanding musicians and their health

Mary4Music – Great place to find everything music related in 2020

Musiclessonsanywhere – If you’re looking for online piano lessons, this is a great place that features Skype piano lessons

A Quick Look At Guides That I’ve Written With 20 Years Plus Of Experience

MIDI Controllers

Looking to learn more about MIDI controllers and perhaps find the best one available. That’s great because I recently put together an awesome resource that you can view above.

Digital Piano Headphones

Playing the piano and worried about being too loud? Headphones for digital piano can take you a long way as they eliminate the worry.

Digital Pianos

One of the main things we cover here at Keyboard Kraze is digital pianos. Digital pianos are vital to learning to play the piano for those who can’t afford an acoustic piano. Finding the right digital piano for beginners is something that we specialize in.


VSTs are one of the most exciting topics that we cover at Keyboard Kraze. This is the part of the website that is dedicated to finding the best possible VSTs for each instrument.

You can read more about piano VSTs here as well as find the best guitar VSTs here. All of these have been tested thoroughly.

Music Theory

For those who are new to the piano, you will likely want to start learning music theory. One of the best resources on this website is our article on the treble clef. Here you can learn everything about it, including key signatures and how to draw it.