Piano Forums That Are Active And Helpful For Pianists 2021

Forums For Piano

When it comes to discussing topics about pianos and keyboards, there are several great resources. There are some really active piano forums that are mainly based on all things piano and keyboards.

The nice thing about forums is that there are extremely helpful people in them, from all different levels. Occasionally, you will run across the “know it alls,” however, most of them are nice and just trying to help out with their opinions.

If you have questions about new releases or even about certain techniques, you will surely be able to find pianists ready and more than willing to help out.

Pros Of Piano Forums

  • Tons of helpful information
  • Ask questions to advanced musicians
  • Constructive criticism
  • Reviews on new instruments


  • Can sometimes run into people who aren’t looking to really help you
  • Sometimes the information isn’t valid or accurate

With this being said, some piano forums are more active than others. To help you out, I have listed the most active piano forums this year.

Best Piano Forums

Piano World Forums

Piano World is a forum that I’ve been going to for years now. It’s filled with a great community of helpful musicians who love to share their input.

It’s a great piano forum for beginners and advanced players. This is a nice forum to ask questions you might have in between lessons or even gear related. The amount of experience on this forum is overwhelming since there is so much knowledge being shared.


Overall, this is probably my favorite forum as the users are extremely active responding.

Piano Society

Piano Society is a nice forum for pianists. It’s not as active as Piano World, but I don’t think any are. This is a place where you can ask a lot of music theory questions and quickly receive an answer.

It’s nice to see a forum that is very friendly to beginners as well. If you’re just beginning to learn the play the piano, you will find this forum really helpful.


Piano Society is a moderately active forum that you can go and share your knowledge at. I personally enjoy this forum as it’s not overly saturated with responses.

Piano Street

This is a great forum for beginners. I’ve found that a lot of instructors are on this forum sharing their knowledge. If you have questions about chord progressions in a minor, the treble clef or how long to play scales, you can check out my guides.

An additional place to find information is Piano Street. This is mostly geared towards piano lessons and digital pianos, but you can find other helpful information that dives into music theory as well.


Piano Street is a great resource and you will definitely find an engaging community.

8 Notes Piano Forum

This forum is not my favorite as it’s not superpopulated. Maybe a less populated website is your cup of tea? However, I wanted to present it, as this is still a great website outside of its forums.

I believe this forum used to be more active, but in recent years it just hasn’t kept its steam.


Worth checking out, however, not as active as the above options.


While Taxi isn’t specifically for pianists, you can still find some helpful information. This is a very populated forum that has everything from songwriting to obscure instruments.

I have found Taxi forums are really engaging and super active. If you can’t find help from some of the other piano forums, try this one out.


Piano forums are, in my opinion, a great resource for pianists of all levels. You’re never too good or knowledgable to continue learning and the chances are that there are people on these forums who can help you.

While all of these forums are great options, I also strongly encourage you to leave a comment on this thread and I will help you with any questions you may have.

Also, Youtube is now one of the best resources you can find as there are so many free tutorials. The musicians making those videos are great people who oftentimes have great instructive videos.

On your journey to playing the piano, I advise you to keep trying to push yourself and learn new things. Find forums, watch videos and always ask questions. If you find yourself a little overwhelmed, you can always seek some lessons on certain topics or check for lessons on Youtube.

  1. I am new here. I am looking for a tutorials on dan
    Fogelbergs next time.
    I would appreciate if someone could post one here

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  3. Do you have any You tube video recommendations for a simple piano piece to learn to play? Thank you in advance.

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