Piano Repurposing – Amazing Conversion Ideas In 2021

tools on a piano

I have created in this guide a list that presents to you 5 of the best piano conversion ideas I have seen. Most conversions take place on upright pianos that are older and not worth much value anymore.

The reason why they’re not worth as much value is because pianos depreciate over time. This got me thinking, why not provide piano owners with a list that shows them ideas to make their homes even cooler.

Getting rid of pianos is often not a lot of fun. Since they are so heavy and can be worth close to nothing, you can actually lose money getting rid of them.

Before I get into all of the creative ideas for piano repurposing, I want to tell you about my experience with reworking pianos.

My band actually an old upright piano and we turned it into a shell for my keyboards. There are many rewards to repurposing your pianos and I hope you find this list helpful.

Piano Conversion Ideas

Let’s take a look at some incredible piano conversions below. You will notice that these are all done by using upright pianos and sometimes additional materials.

1) Piano Bar

Piano Bar

Arguably the most popular conversion is the piano bar. These can be painted a wide variety of colors and they can look absolutely stunning.

This is a great job and it can really take a room in your house & make it look captivating. This one listed above is one of the more elegant conversions I have seen to date.

2) Piano Desk Conversion

Piano Desk

As you can see, there are adding materials with this piano conversion. With this being said, this desk looks elegant and ready for any home. I can picture this being a conversation starter and a staple for pretty much any home.

This could be rather expensive depending on the materials you use with it.

3) Piano Workbench

Piano workbench

The piano workbench to me a super creative idea that is perfect for those who are handymen. This gives the piano a cool rustic look & it also allows you to consolidate some tools into the same place.

I love how they placed hooks in so you can hangup your go-to tools as well.

4) Piano Table

Piano Table with glass

This piano table is one of my favorites on this list. I absolutely love the way it looks and it really showcases how cool piano keys can look.

This table is more so for decoration rather than using it for a dinner table. With this being said, you can easily make a room pop with something like this.

5) Piano Aquarium

Piano Aquarium

A piano aquarium sounds absolutely crazy to me. It looks even crazier. This is an example of a great DIY project with your old upright piano. I love how this looks and I think it’s a huge success.

This looks like it would take some serious work to pull off, but for those who are handy, it definitely could be worth going for.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article gave you some great ideas for piano conversions and I hope you find the time to execute one of these. Have you ever converted a piano into anything? Let me know below if I’m leaving any cool ideas out!

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