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Learning piano, like anything that is worth it, takes time. The good thing with this is that you are constantly seeing progress throughout your journey with the piano. A lot of people write off instruments in general because they say they don’t have the time or it’s just too hard for them. This statement is often made before they even attempted to make time or attempted to play.

I spent hours putting together my thoughts on which piano is harder to learn between the piano and guitar. I strongly suggest you check this out if you have any interest in learning the guitar or the piano.

It is my opinion that learning the piano is actually quite easy. I believe it’s easy because it’s fun. Anything that you do in life that is fun comes easier than something that simply isn’t fun. Many people think learning the piano is difficult so they really never give themselves a chance, don’t let this be you. To answer this question fully, I am going to break down the common misconceptions of learning piano in this post.

1) Time

I believe that you can see results and begin to learn the piano by just spending 15-20 minutes a day. Can you spend more than this amount of time, yes, of course. I don’t believe there are many people who can’t find this small amount of time to play each day.

Find a time of day that works and try and stick with it. Falling into a routine with the piano is a beautiful thing as you will surely see results.

2) No Money For Lessons

This is not a valid excuse in my eyes. I believe piano lessons help, yes, but ultimately, it’s you who has to put the time in for yourself to see results. There are so many videos on youtube now that help with learning songs. Also, you can find detailed lessons from great pianists who are there to help.

If you’re wondering how much lessons typically cost, it is typically between $40 and $60.

Finding a book and reading and doing the work inside them really goes along the way.

3) No Musical Background

This is totally okay. Yes, it helps to have some background, but to go in fresh isn’t a bad thing. If you’re hungry to learn, then you will.

The nice thing with the piano is that you typically learn to read music as well. You can use piano lesson books in order to improve your knowledge for music reading. I recently put an in-depth post together in which I break down the treble clef and how to read music for piano in a simple way. This is a post I suggest you check out if you’re new to the piano.

4) Can’t Afford A Nice Keyboard

Many aspiring pianists can’t afford a nice keyboard. This shouldn’t be a reason that deters you from playing though.

I learned on a budget level Yamaha keyboard for over 2 years before I graduated to an upright piano. To me, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have weighted keys when you first begin. Does it help? Yes, it definitely does, but it is something that is not needed.

I suggest finding something cheap to begin your lessons on. Don’t worry how nice it is until you start to see progress. If you are really enjoying the piano, then you can save money while you’re learning to play.

Learning The Piano Should Be Fun, Not Hard

Will there be difficult times when learning the piano? Oh yeah, there will definitely tough times. However, there will be a lot of great moments while learning the piano that will keep it fun. There’s nothing that beats learning the first piece that you want to learn and nailing it. It makes you feel great and keeps you moving forward to the next piece and lesson.

I don’t believe learning the piano is hard because I love how easy it is to see progress. If you put the work in, results will come and this will leave you wanting more from the piano.


It is my opinion that the piano shouldn’t be hard to learn, but it should be fun. Like everything that is worth it in life, there will be some difficulty, but nothing that can’t be conquered. Keep your head up and keep hitting those keys. If you found this helpful, let me know below!

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