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Best Cyber Monday & Black Friday Keyboard Deals Of 2019

Sweetwater's Countdown to Black Friday Sale (affiliated) is happening now! Shop deals on all kinds of keyboards, MIDI controllers, accessories, and more.

As we get closer to Cyber Monday & Black Friday, it’s important to know which websites to check out for the best deals on keyboards. You will notice that you will be able to find deals on MIDI controllers, digital pianos, synthesizers, beginner digital pianos, VSTS, and even accessories.

If you are in a rush, I highly recommend Sweetwater for deals starting now, all the way until Christmas.

Cyber Monday actually was bigger for sales last year than Black Friday and it’s actually one thing that’s important is the fact that these deals typically roll all the way until Christmas.

While it’s not yet Cyber Monday or Black Friday, I will be updating this article all the way up until those dates with the best deals on all keyboards.

Where Can I find Keyboard Deals For Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

I have a few places that I think typically have the best deals. Below are the places that I think typically have the best deals.

Sweetwater, being my personal favorite, always is running Deal Zone. This basically just highlights whatever their daily deals are and you can see some pretty big price drops pretty frequently.

There are already 556 keyboards, digital piano, & MIDI controller deals at the time of publishing this article.

You will notice that you can shop these deals daily and that some of them will change.

Digital Pianos

There is going to some crazy deals on digital pianos this year and a couple of deals I hope to see for your sake would be the Roland FP10 and the Yamaha CP88.

One thing to note is that Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically bring some amazing deals on digital pianos for beginners. In the past, there have been some incredible deals with over $100 mark offs at multiple different retailers.

MIDI Keyboards & Workstations

Bedroom producers and full-time studio producers can rejoice: Cyber Monday is going to be bringing some great deals on production keyboards. Whether you’re looking for a keyboard workstation, an arranger or a MIDI keyboard controller, we will be updating you on all of the best deals.

Below are some great deals that have just come in.

How To Prepare For Black Friday

When it comes to all things keyboards, I will do tell you my honest opinions on the best deals as soon as they come out. Report back to this page in the next couple of weeks to view some of the deals.

If you’re wanting to buy now and you’re unsure of if you should wait for Cyber Monday and Black Friday, I would say that you should 100% just wait.

I know it sucks, but there really are some great deals that you can look forward to.


If you play it right, you truly can save hundreds of dollars on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. I wish I would’ve just waited when I was younger. I would usually end up spending hundreds to thousands only to then see it go on a huge sale a couple of months later.

Musical instruments are expensive, so my advice is to always wait for deals to come out.

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