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Best Steel Guitar VST Plugins – Free & Paid 2020

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If you’re looking for some great steel guitar VSTS, you’ve come to the right place. I have the opinion that these are perfect for modern country production as well as for even hip hop and indie productions.

Steel Guitar VST Plugins

Editor’s Pick Slide Guitar Loops
  • 124 Electric Loops
  • Small Download
  • Easy To Use
Alternative Rhythm Guitar
  • Rhythmic Loops
  • Easy To Use

Steel guitar plugins can add an element to your music that offers the emotional value that is just what you’re looking for. The best part here is that you can either play a part or write it on directly into your DAW and then hear it. I think this is beneficial as not everyone knows how to play it and they especially don’t know how to play it well.

What Types Of Music Can You Incorporate Steel Guitar VSTS?

I think the possibilities are endless here. You can definitely use them for country, blues, and hip hop productions. Hip hop may surprise you, but there is a gigantic market right now that has a bluesy influence.

My advice would be to jump in and start finding options that you really enjoy and will get use out of.

Steel guitar plugins are similar to mandolin VSTs and banjo VSTs as they’re not used all of the time.

What To Look For In Steel Guitar Plugins

Compatibility: Make sure that the plugin that you choose is compatible with your DAW and player. Some free versions of Kontakt won’t be compatible with certain VSTS. To solve this problem, simply read the requirements listed for each VST. This will save a lot of headaches. Also, make sure your PC is strong enough to run it.

Price: Decide how much money you want to spend. Listed below is an option that contains a bunch of different types of guitars. While it’s more money, you will find that you get a ton of different options.

Sound: The sound of steel guitar plugins range from bad to good. Typically, the more expensive products will sound infinitely better than free options. With that being said, you will find free steel guitar VSTS below so you can compare.

Dynamics: The more dynamics that you’re able to do, the better. This is where you can really make your recordings sound realistic and believable. No one wants to use something that sounds cheap and thin.


  • Emulation of real steel guitars at your disposal
  • Save time and money
  • Instant use
  • A lot of different tones you can create and bend


  • Not the real thing
  • Not a ton of options yet

Best Steel Guitar VSTS & Samples

Slide Guitar By Organic Loops

Slide Guitar Loops

While this is not a VST, it is a great option that has some crazy cool steel guitar loops. If you’re wondering how you would use this, the answer would be to check out its presets and see if it works in your songs.

Above are fantastic blues riffs that you can use to mess with your productions.


This isn’t going to be a steel guitar that you can play, it’s going to be pre-recorded riffs and loops that you can use in your production. If that’s what you’re looking for, it sounds great. However, don’t buy this thinking you’re getting a VST.

Pedal Steel By Impact Soundworks

Impact Soundworks

I often write about Impact Soundworks. This company puts out a product that is state of the art almost every time. Pedal Steel is an extremely playable pedal steel guitar.

Impact Sounds also makes some incredible electric guitar VSTs that are definitely worth checking out as well.

They specifically designed this to play like a real steel guitar and they focused on the dynamics. I would recommend this for jazz, country bluegrass, and certain hip-hop-infused styles.

As far as the sound quality goes with Pedal Steel, I really believe it’s top-notch. There’s really not much to dislike here, other than the price is a little steep.


This is a fantastic product that should be on your list for steel guitar plugins. It is expensive, so unless you’re going to be working in a genre where you will be using it frequently, you may wanna go a different route.

DSK Steel Guitar – Best Free Steel Guitar VST

DSK Steel Guitar is surprisingly very realistic. I really admire this website as the owner does this for fun and does a phenomenal job giving producers options. I believe the tones sound believable and they can sound even better when run through some other effect plugins.

I recommend trying this plugin out before purchasing one as it does a great job at giving you a very close to natural sound.


Overall, I think this sounds pretty realistic and even better when you add more effects to it. At the very least, you have a plugin that allows you to wet your feet and get used to the instrument before investing more money in it.


In this list, I’ve presented you with options for loops and samples, VSTS and a free VST option. Take some time and play around with whichever option you choose to go with. Remember, they all have their uses and you will most likely end up finding a variety of use in each.

Steel guitar plugins could be just what your next country or bluegrass production needed. If you’re longing for a real instrument, you can always program out a VST part before to get an idea of what it will sound like.


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