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Arcade By ForteRight – Honest Review

Video games have been at the forefront of many teenagers lives now for years. While some consider this to be a bad thing, ForteRight has managed to use this as a way to educate and teach our youth the piano. To do so, they’ve created Arcade – A game-like interpretation of piano lessons.

I personally believe ForteRight has done something genius in the sense that they have taken a system similar to Guitar Hero and made it applicable for pianists to learn their favorite songs. What I really love about Arcade is that you can use this on real pianos so you can fully start to develop finger dexterity while learning your favorites.


  • Turns Your Piano Into A Gaming System
  • Learn Your Favorite Songs
  • Challenge Friends
  • Compete Against Your Previous Scores
  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Level Up


  • Expensive
  • Interface Will Take A Little Time To Get Used To
  • Still Want To Learn Additional Theory
  • Might Lead To Bad Technique

The Interface

Here you can see how this Arcade works with a piano. The notes fall down across the keys and the pianist hits the notes accordingly.

The interface is clean and easy to read. One thing that I will say about this is beginners may want to start on slower songs. The whole reason why ForeRight has created this system is to make learning songs fun and video game-like.

So how did they do this?

Arcade can be accessed through your smartphone as an app. Through the app, you can then access songs and begin to practice and learn them. What I think is smart here is making this competitive, yet still fun. Pianists are able to see their scores upon finishing each song. They can then go back, and continue to level up as they increase their scores.

This is what attaches to most 88 key keyboards and converts them into gaming systems.

Does Arcade Replace Piano Lessons?

In my honest opinion, no. Personally, I don’t think this is really ForteRight’s goal though. Arcade simply provides a fun and different approach to supplement lessons or supplement your learning. While learning songs does increase your skills in certain ways, you still want to practice other technique building skills as well.

With this being said, I do think that Arcade is a great investment for pianists if they’re struggling with formal lessons and sheet music. I learned how to read and play classical music when I was young, but as I got older, I started becoming addicted to playing by ear and learning music theory.

Arcade is something that can inspire its pianists, both young and old, to think outside of the box and have fun. When it comes to getting to the next level with any instrument, having fun is one of the most important factors. If you’re having fun, it’s much easier to progress.

Best Piano Game Available?

I believe that this is easily one of the best piano games available as it challenges pianists to play their favorite songs in a new and fun way. I’ve seen countless mobile phone games where there’s a picture of piano keys and falling notes. Arcade is similar, only it’s on a digital piano or keyboard of your choice.

Here are some digital pianos that I recommend for beginners.

What sets Arcade apart is that it is actually challenging the person playing to hit the notes on a piano rather than tapping their phone screen. This makes them develop finger dexterity and brain repetition to where the notes are on pianos.

With this being said, you still want to learn music theory on the side if you want to know what notes you’re hitting and what keys you’re playing in.

Taking a look at this in-depth article I’ve written about the treble clef and musical notes could help you in this sense.

How Much Does Arcade Cost?

It will retail for under $350, but you can get it now on Kickstarter for $199. I think this is moderately expensive, however, if you really add up sheet music and lesson books, you quickly encroach on that number either way.

Do You Need To Know How To Play Piano Before Purchasing?

No. Arcade is aimed towards beginners and students who aren’t progressing the way that they would like. Having zero piano training before going into Arcade isn’t going to hurt you.

Would I Recommend Arcade

Absolutely. I think the most important thing with learning to play instruments comes down to being motivated and having fun. If you’re someone who enjoys video games, the chances are that this will be a reinvigorating approach to the piano.


Growing up, I was an avid gamer. If I had this growing up, I could’ve definitely seen myself competing against the community and trying to rise to the top for each song. I think that this is the beauty of Arcade.

Taking things to a competitive world is smart as it will lead to people playing and practicing songs over and over, just so they can defeat their friends and their previous scores. This can result in pianists learning a lot of songs and chords along the way.

Overall, if you can afford it, I would recommend Arcade.

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