4 Things You Can Do To Further Your Career As An Artist In 2019

As you probably already know, the music industry has been making some pretty big changes recently. We are seeing labels heavily shift from signing rock bands to signing urban and electronic pretty much exclusively.

Now, this might seem alarming, but with this being said, there are things that you should be focusing on before you worry about getting signed. I have the opinion that bands always tend to wait around waiting to be discovered and I feel like this is the main thing that you shouldn’t be doing.

There are a few things that you can do almost immediately to start moving forward in your careers.

Focus On Spotify

I know this seems like a no-brainer, however, there are specifics to follow when it comes to gaining Spotify monthly listeners.

Check out this article I wrote for one of my favorite websites. I break down Spotify in simple terms.

Stop Releasing Music To Just Release It

Spotify is set-up for singles. When you just start uploading song after song, you are basically killing your chances of getting an audience to your last song. I recommend releasing a single every 1-2 months until your band starts to grow traction. In between the time of releasing songs, try to focus on low-budget music video ideas and other content for social media.

Get an audience to start listening to your tracks on Spotify and it will definitely be noticed. Labels have teams that are specifically seeking out new artists by what is called a percent download. If they see that your listeners are downloading your tracks, it helps your songs get on bigger playlists.

One of the hardest things about being in a band or being an artist is trying to figure out when it’s best to release new music.

Download the Artist APP

You can get this today and it should be something you should be checking out daily upon new releases. When you have a new release, focus on growing that number each day.

Find The Right Producer

Having the right music producer is vital when it comes to making progress as a band. The one thing that is hard to do, but important, is, to be honest. If the quality of your music doesn’t sound close to the quality of what you’re competing against, it’s extremely hard to move forward.

Finding the right person to produce your music is going to come down to doing your research. Start by looking at bands that you like and finding out who produced their music. Now, if they are huge bands, the chances are you’re not going to be able to get their producers.

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If this is the case, find bands that are similar to them and fight out who produced their music. If this works, you can then reach out to their producers and get conversations going.

If you like to produce music, check out my favorite DAW’s here.

For musicians having no luck, do some local research. You will be surprised by the talent you might be able to find in your city. I do believe having a producer who is familiar with your genre is important as it will take you to the next level, but having a producer who is great at a specific genre can also lead to something awesome. For example, if you work with a great producer who specializes in metal, there will be big differences if you are a pop band. However, this can lead to some cool music production that will definitely be unique.

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Since it is a rough time for rock bands right now; we are seeing tons of co-writes. Getting into writing with other bands and artists can be life-changing for you as an artist. There are tons of people in bands who actually find themselves having more success in this department than with their own band.

There is a huge market for writing and it basically comes down to networking. Networking becomes much easier when you have a product. Try and focus on having something that is high-quality so people respect you right from the get-go.

Co-writing will also lead to you getting better as a writer as well.

Treat Your Band As A Business

No matter what job you do in life, you will find yourself working often.  You should have zero problems working on your band at a minimum of 40 hours a week. With social media, songwriting and content development, you should be busy most of the time.

Try to find yourself always working on what’s next. The more you are able to set goals and cross them off, the faster you will find yourself progressing. A lot of bands start off by doing other jobs to pay the bills. I recommend doing this as it really makes you work harder to be successful.

Everyone in my band got jobs in order to pay for our first CD and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

We found ourselves with the money to pay to record and also found ourselves grateful for every dollar we made.

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